Believe In Your Ability To “Dance”

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Last week, two of my choir classes had a dress rehearsal for their recital that was this past Saturday. My teen group had been struggling a bit with some of the more intricate choreography in a particular song. Things got so hopeless for them, that at the end of the rehearsal, one of them raised her hand and said, “Mrs. Burns, can we please just cut this song from the recital?” I, of course, told them that this was not an option. The programs had already been printed, and our set would be incomplete without that last song.

I decided that it was time for a pep talk. What I found as I was encouraging the kids, though, was that I was suddenly being encouraged myself, as well. I told them that the thing that was holding them back was not, in fact, their lack of knowledge of the choreography, but, rather, their lack of confidence in their ability to execute the choreography. Their unease showed on their faces, and made them come across as unsure.

I began to charge them with something I learned a long time ago: “If you believe you are great, others will believe you are great. If you believe that you are defeated, others will see you as defeated.”

This principle applies to so much more than just on-stage performing. The truth is that in life, others will believe about us what we believe about ourselves. If we walk around with our head hung low, we encourage others to pass us over and lower their expectations of us. But if we walk into a room with our head held high and show that we have something to offer, others will sit up and take notice.

Today, remember what I told my students. It’s not about you not being able to do the so-called choreography of life, but about your belief in your ability to do it. Guess what? God already believes in you. He would not have called you to the task you have at hand if He didn’t think that through Him you could accomplish it. How much more of a cheering section could you ask for? Today, start believing!

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