The Imagniary Conversations I Have with People

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Confession time: I have walked away from many a conversation and yet somehow the conversation has not ended with the loss of one half of it’s participants. That’s right, I have often continued conversations long after parting from my conversation partner, filling in for them in my mind with what I assume they would say. Sound presumptuous? No way! Of course I know what you must have been thinking after we leave a conversation. Therefore it’s no problem for me to fill both sides of the conversation even after you’ve gone.

Okay, okay. I’ll admit: the above line of thinking is just flat-out wrong. It can not only be harmful to keep up an inner-dialogue with someone who is not there to actually defend their own views, but it’s also downright dangerous. Why? Because we create drama that isn’t even real. And let me tell you, the real world carries enough drama with it. Why let paranoia or bitterness create fake drama that takes even more of my energy?

It’s not fair for someone to be the aggressor or loser in a mind conversations that they are not even there to represent themselves in. Let your conversations and your words stand on their own. If you have more to say, say it to that person, but don’t say it to them in your mind and then not give them the space to respond. Let’s let our words be meaningful and truthful when we say them, and then not allow second guessing to come back and make us feel insecure about what could have or should have been said.

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