Scar Stories: Part II

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On Tuesday, I shared the importance of recognizing our scars and realizing how not all of them will be on the outside of our being. Many of us bare invisible scars that are still as real as any of those that mar the physical, outward appearance. I think we tend to view these scars in an incredibly negative light many times. But today, I want to suggest a change in perception.

Instead of our scars reminding us of past pain, let’s allow them to be a reminder of victory!

Yes, our scars, physical or not, have left marks on us and may have come from a time of great pain. But they also represent the fact that we are past that point of pain and have made it out to the other side alive and well! Scars can be celebrated and even seen as beautiful, because more than the pain that caused them, they show the strength of the person baring them.

Let’s change the way we look at scars. Don’t despise them. Embrace them and bare them proudly. They have a story to tell, and so do you!

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