The Balance Battle

 In evangelism

Through the weekly messages at church, I’ve been challenged lately about the idea of evangelism. Just that word is enough to send fear into the hearts of many of us, isn’t it? My own history with evangelism leaves me with some cringing and some regret. I started my life as an “evangelist” by completely overdoing it. I told people about Christ alright, but from a place of judgment, guilt, and obligation. Love was completely lost in that equation.

To compensate, I spent large parts of my college years on the complete opposite swing of the pendulum. I said nothing, but made friends with everyone. I was so ashamed of how much damage I had done with my zealous antagonism in the past, that I decided to be all relaxation and warmth. Not once did I speak truth over a situation that I knew was clouded in darkness.

As I journey through my 30s, I’ve come to realize that evangelism, like pretty much everything else in life, is all about balance. I can’t go to extremes. I have to be consistent. I have to be as much love as I am conviction (note: not condemnation – big difference). I have to live a life that is balanced, so that I am at my most effective. Balance is everything.

The battle for balance in our lives is a real one. Let’s be aware of extremes and how dangerous they can be. Today, let’s ask for God’s help in finding balance.

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