The Easter Invite

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The week leading up to Easter is exciting for so many reasons. There is always an electricity in the air in the church world. You can feel how people are starting to catch the anticipation of the upcoming Easter services and how they can invite someone to church who may actually agree to attend! The kids are, of course, hopped up on sugar, but if you have kids who are old enough to start to understand the reason for Easter, it’s incredibly moving to see them come to realize God’s great sacrifice for them.

I love how excited everyone gets about inviting people to church on Easter. It’s absolutely infectious! To see people’s eyes light up when they realize that someone who is not currently attending church at all may come to a service because of their invite is nothing short of inspiring. It’s like we suddenly realize that there is nothing holding us back from sharing Christ with others and actually seeing life change in those around us.

But why stop or start on Easter? Invite (no better yet, bring!) people to church for Easter, but also, invite people to church the week after Easter, and the week before Easter, and the week before a random Sunday in July, as well. The point is that while people may be more apt to accept an invitation to church on Easter, there are also those who will accept an invitation on any Sunday of the year. Some people are truly just waiting for an invitation from a truly invested person before they decide to take that step of going to church. It would be a shame if we allowed our own fears or complacencies to keep us from seeing results all year-long.

So don’t wait until Easter and don’t let the after-Easter season suddenly stifle your excitement and urgency to bring others to church with you. Let’s make this year one for the record books where bringing new people to church is concerned!

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