I just HAVE to tell you!

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My husband likes to tease me about a certain seemingly uncontrollable habit I have of blurting out how much I spent on something when someone compliments me on it. For example, if someone comes up to me and says, “I love your shoes!” I then, in return, can’t stop at a simple, “Thank you!” but rather, have to add on, “And they were only $8 at Target!” He just shakes his head at me. He doesn’t understand that getting a good deal is too much to keep to myself. I have to tell other people, because that adds to the niceness of the shoes and makes them that much better.

Why is it, then, that we are often so slow at sharing the greatest news we’ve ever received? I’m talking about the news of eternal life through Jesus Christ. We have the secret to life everlasting, and yet, we are so hesitant to share it with others. Why? It’s too good not to share!

If the idea of sharing your faith has seemed daunting to you in the past, take a deep breath. There are so many ways to share God’s good news, and most of them do not include standing on your desk at work and shouting salvation at the top of your voice. No, most of them start with relationship. Care enough about others and their needs, and soon, they’ll trust you enough to hear about a plan for meeting their spiritual needs, as well.

Don’t keep your good news to yourself today. You have been given a gift! Tell somebody!

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