Love > Legalism

 In God, grace, love

Today I am reminded of something I love very much about Jesus: He was always about love before He was about legalism.

Remember that above all else, God loves us and wants to see His children come to know Him. The way we do that is by sharing God’s LOVE, not legalism. I’ve been on every side of every extreme of the “holier than thou” spectrum, and I’m here to report that exactly zero people were won over when I was self-righteous and judgmental. Lives have been affected, however, when I showed care and love above all.

Before you react in judgment or presumed righteousness, stop and think about Christ’s life and how you believe He would act and speak toward those you will come across today. Chances are that if your first response is anger, feelings of superiority, or judgment, you are not lined up with Christ’s command to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:31).

Today, let’s show God’s love in tangible ways to those around us.

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