Only Through Praise

 In praise & worship

I want to share a principle with you today that has revolutionized my life: It’s often the thing I least feel like doing that I most need to be doing. Example? Exercise. I’ll feel tired, out of it, and completely unmotivated to get out there and work out. And yet, chances are that I’m feeling those things because of my lack of activity.

The same is completely true of our spiritual lives. Some of us are facing answers that can only be found through praise. And the thing is that praise and worship may be the last thing we feel like doing when we are down. But it’s what we need most.


Because in our praise, we are drawn near to God’s side, and He is so strong with us. He hears our praise and it breaks through our pain and circumstance and brings us close to the Source of all our answers – God Himself! The Bible tells us that God is literally enthroned upon our praises. In other words, our praise becomes the place where God is lifted up (Psalm 22:3).  And we also know from Scripture that if God is lifted up, He’ll draw us unto Himself (John 12:32).

We let our circumstances rob us of the very thing we most need – praise and worship. Don’t let it! Today, take your praise back, and watch as God breaks through in your life. He is truly the answer to all of our problems, so don’t stop Him from giving you exactly what you need. Just praise!

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