The Difference Is The Heart

 In praise & worship, Prayer, The Word

Remember the story of the woman with the issue of blood (Mark 5:25-34)? It’s one that is as well-known to me as any of my personal life stories. A woman so depleted of life that she channels her desperation into action. She knows if she can just touch Jesus, she will be healed – that one simple touch will do what no doctor or medicine had been able to do for her for years.

The thing about the story that amazes me is that in a crowd so large and so pressing around Jesus, clearly He would also have felt others bump into Him or brushes against Him, right? So why was this woman’s touch different? Why in the midst of such a mass of people, did this woman’s touch stand out?

It was her heart. God always sees our heart, even when our outward appearance and actions may look similar to so many around us. He sees what others cannot see. He knows your heart and the intention behind your actions. He knew this woman had sought him out intentionally, seeking her healing from His hand.

For us, we may all congregate in buildings together and appear similarly in our times of worship or prayer on Sunday mornings, and yet, God is over us, seeking pure hearts. Know that your heart matters greatly to God and holds the key to your breakthrough. The difference is your heart – check yours today!

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