Back to Basics: What Did You Do Today?

 In God's will

Last night in my weekly ladies Bible study group, we talked about the topic of purpose and getting back to basics. When we simplify our lives, we free up more time to do the things that matter, because we remove thing that are ultimately superfluous. It’s not that we need to have our entire life’s destiny planned out, but we can easily tell the things that are beneficial to us versus those that detract from our purpose, based solely on their fruit in our lives.

When we really strive to get back to basics, we need to also streamline our actions, thoughts, and activities toward that which we know add to our destiny and purpose. What is it that takes me away from doing those things that I know to be of benefit to me? What did I do yesterday to get me further toward my goals, and what did I not do that I could have done? Even further, what did I do that I shouldn’t have done when thinking about those things that I know to be my purpose?

Don’t feel discouraged if you think you don’t have your entire life figured out. Here’s a little secret: That’s never going to happen! But what you can do is go back to those places in your soul that spark and light up when you are participating in certain activities or pursuits. They’re a telling sign that usually represent something that will remain a constant passion for you. Pursue those things as God places them in front of you. And in the meantime, cut back on the things that don’t grow any fruit in your life.

So, friends, what did you do today?

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