What I Thought Then Vs What I Think Now

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I grew up hearing that God had a big plan for me. It was rare that even a day would go by in which I was not reminded of the fact that God had something big in store for my life. The more I heard it, the bigger my personal fame rose in my daydreams. I saw my name in lights. I saw myself on a global stage. God’s “big plans” for me had come to represent personal fame and prosperity.

Then I got cancer.

It’s not that cancer made me “give up” my dreams of fame. It’s that my realization of God’s “big plans” did a complete 180 when I faced the depths of desperation and realized my “fame” wouldn’t amount to squat in the light of what really mattered. I began to realize that the people living some of the most effective “big plans” I had ever seen were the sweet church members who would bring a hot meal to our door when I was too weak to even stand long enough to heat something up in the microwave.

God is so much more concerned with who we’ll become than what we’ll end up doing. We can busy ourselves with “doing” so much that we forget to work on who we are. At the end of the day, fame without personal growth and contentment would be 100% futile. Greatness, however, is becoming the person God wants me to be, and living out my “big plan” each and every day of my life.

Maybe it’s time we think long and hard about what God’s “big plan” for our life should look like.

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