Lessons My Kids Taught Me: Reflections


Before I had kids, I had a certain awareness of my role as a leader. I realized that I had to watch what I said and did in front of others, because their perceptions of me or our ministry could be skewered by those impressions. I could always count on coming home at the end of the day, though, and being able to express myself to my husband however I wanted.

Then, I had kids.

Now, my home is the place I have to be most aware of my actions and attitudes. This has hit me a lot lately. For example, I tend to be a little, er, impatient in traffic situations. I’ve been known to overuse my horn or huff and puff if things aren’t going at a pace I consider acceptable. The other day, however, I heard my son sigh from the backseat when we were at a stop sign. I thought nothing of it at first, but then he spoke up. “Why aren’t these people going?” he huffed in annoyance.

Uh oh.

I had never really stopped to think that my impatience while driving was something he noticed. Generally he sits in the backseat and entertains himself with books or observing landmarks. Now, though, I am seeing that he can easily become influenced by my attitude, because he is watching and observing me even when I’m unaware.

Children are our reflections. They tend to take up our offenses and excitements without even realizing that we were the ones who influenced them in that direction to begin with. What a scary thought! I don’t want to pass on any semblance of anger, preconceived annoyance, prejudice, or negative character traits to my boys. Instead, I want them to be so used to seeing someone who is full of praise and grace, that it naturally flows into their ideas and shapes their reflection, as well.

Watch what you’re reflecting today, parents! Your kids are listening.

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