LMKTM: Grace Goes Both Ways

 In grace, LMKTM

I am a grace recipient. I love God’s grace. I love that I could never earn it so I don’t have to strive for it. I love that it is there daily for me, because I often need more than one trip to the grace buffet when things get rough. I love the way God is as Father to me. He is gentle, loving, and always ready to forgive.

So why am I so hard on my kids when it comes to their own need for grace?

I am not even close to trying to say that we need to not discipline, instruct, or guide our children. NO. But I am saying that for some of us (like me), grace received doesn’t balance out with our grace given and we can risk looking extremely hypocritical. I am my children’s parent, yes, but I am also a child of God who receives gentle discipline with heaping servings of grace on a regular basis. It’s so imperative that I keep that fact in mind when I’m approaching my own discipline with my boys.

There is a difference between giving grace-led discipline, and graceless discipline. I want to learn that balance and always try to keep it at the forefront of my mind while interacting with my children. Let’s remember that grace goes both ways. We have received grace, so now let’s give some grace, as well.

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