LMKTM: How Many Don’t Know?


Sunday as we were leaving church, we were all handed a stack of door hangers that serve as an invitation to attend our Easter services. We were told to hand them out to neighbors, co-workers, etc. I had my stack in the car, and when Joey spotted them, they immediately piqued his interest.

“What are those?” he asked.

“These are invitations to invite people to our church for Easter service this coming Sunday,” I answered.

His small brows furrowed in question: “Doesn’t everyone go to church?”

I smiled at this. “No, baby, not everyone does. That’s why we are going to invite them. Some people don’t know Jesus and we’re going to invite them to church so that they can know Him.”

He thought for a moment before asking, “How many people don’t know Him?”


The smile immediately left my face and my heart lurched. He couldn’t know this, but recently, Jason has been speaking on sharing our faith. In one of the weeks of the series, he pointed out just how many millions and even billions (yes, billions) of people still do not know God. My mind was right back there in that moment when Joey asked his question so innocently.

To Joey, it’s so simple. He assumes that everyone goes to church like he does, because that is normal to him. God forbid that I forget, however, the scary fact that there are those I come in contact with each day who have no relationship with Jesus Christ. Easter just so happens to be an amazing opportunity to invite someone to church. Chances are that they will say yes. Do not forget what we know, which is that way too many people, unfortunately, still do not have the assurance of eternal life.

It took Joey’s innocent question to kick my awareness into gear a little, and I’m glad it did. I don’t want to live my life in a bubble and forget that we have work to do while we’re on this earth. Let’s go out and tell someone this week! Let’s put a dent in the number of those who don’t know!

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