LMKTM: A Simple Heart of Worship

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This morning during my breakfast with Joey and Gavin, I read to them from a devotional book that I had growing up called, “Little Visits with God.” Each new chapter is a short devotional designed to promote discussion about God with your children. I remember reading it around our breakfast table when I was a little girl, and I now cherish doing the same with my boys. Today’s lesson was on worship and how it doesn’t matter what we say or sing, because it’s all about our heart and giving God our most sincere offering.

After we finished the reading, I asked Joey if he knew of any songs of praise to God. He immediately told me “B-I-B-L-E!” After, though, he quietly mentioned that he had written a song of worship to God and asked if I wanted to hear it. Um, yes? He then proceeded to sing a song of the most pure, simple expressions of worship. Over and over he sang the phrase “He loves the whole world.” He said “God is so special, God is so brave.” He spoke of God’s love for us and how Jesus “loves us to God.”

As a mom, my buttons were practically bursting forth in a holy pride. I want nothing more than I want to see my boys come to know and love God on their own – to fall in love with Jesus and have their own, special experiences with Him that will shape their decisions and direction for the course of their whole lives. More than just that, though, I was struck with how simple Joey’s song was, and how there has never been a song that brought God more joy, despite its bare bones structure and meager musical backing.

God simply wants to hear your heart today. It doesn’t have to be practiced, polished, or perfect, it just has to be personal. Tell Him why you love Him. Tell Him what He means to you. He loves to hear your praise and He longs to hear your heart. Don’t worry if you don’t have any music to back you up. Just start letting your heart flow. It’s the most beautiful sound to your Father’s ears.

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