LMKTM: Someone’s Always Watching


It happened one completely random day while I was totally and unsuspectingly sitting in the living room going about my daily tasks. As I sat, I heard the voices of my two sweet sons filter through to me from their rooms. Gavin was obviously doing something to frustrate Joey, and after a moment of back-and-forth squabbling, I heard Joey shout in outrage, “Gavin, are you kidding me?!”

And I froze.

Not because I thought the words extremely harsh or shockingly bad, but because that phrase – “Are you kidding me?” – is one that someone in our household has used numerous times in fits of frustration.

Oh, and that someone was me.

How many times had I blurted that very phrase out after being cut off in traffic, frustrated by a faulty computer function, or just generally annoyed by life? And it hit me: my kids are listening – all the time. They hear me and they emulate me, and they are going to pick up on my habits – good and bad.

Parents, listen up! Today be aware of what you’re saying around your kids. They listen to you and pick up on your habits whether you realize it or not. Be sure to temper your statements with that in mind. They’re listening…always.

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