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Remember the simple mathematics symbolism of grade school? If a number is larger than another number, we can use the > symbol to say that is it greater than the number that follows it. Whatever lands on the left side of the symbol is, indeed, greater than whatever is on the right side of the symbol.

Can I suggest a return to some basic math for your life today? I know, I know, you may be as eager to leave the calculators, graphing paper, and x’s behind as I am, but trust me on this one. You won’t have to use an eraser or a protractor for this equation. All you need to remember is the simple > symbol.

Great…now what do you do with it?

Simple. What are your problems today? Your concerns? Write God’s name on the left side of the > symbol, and then confidently leave all your worries on the right side of it. There. See how easy that was?

No matter what you’re facing today, rest assured that there is nothing, I repeat NOTHING that you can put on the other side of that > symbol that will ever force it to flip its direction. God is just greater. Period. How freeing is that? There is no illness, no bad news, no hopelessness, no unemployment, no financial ruin, no shame, literally nothing that God is not greater than. And because He is greater, He can conquer each thing you face and turn it around for your good.

So the next time you’re feeling frustrated, hopeless, or discouraged, just pull out your old math knowledge and drop this equation right in the middle of your day. GOD IS GREATER.

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