New Bible Study Monday!

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Nothing gets me more excited than starting a new Bible study, and tonight, I get to do just that! Joined by several beautiful ladies, I’ll be starting the “Ruth” series by Kelly Minter. I’ve never done this or any of Kelly’s series, so I am just thrilled to explore her style and take on the Word. More importantly, though, I am just so happy to get to dig into this portion of the Word with other women. There is something so life-giving about community and sharing together as you journey through God’s Word. My weekly Bible study is always a highlight of my week, and I’ve missed that experience over the summer.

I solicit your prayers for our group as we endeavor to learn more about God from His Word. Pray that we would have our eyes and ears opened to see and hear what He has for us during this study.

Have any of you done this study before? What’d you think? What was the biggest thing you took away from it?

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