Song of the Day: Holy Spirit

 In music


This past Sunday night, our insanely talented Access Worship band lead us in a Night of Worship. I look forward to these nights each time they come around, because they are always such a sweet time of just getting before God and being in His presence. This week was no exception, and I left with one particular song and refrain flowing through my mind and invading my senses. The song is “Holy Spirit” by Bryan and Katie Torwalt, and the phrases in particular that caught my attention are these:


Let us become more aware of Your presence

Let us experience the glory of Your goodness


That is the cry of my heart today and everyday. I want to be more aware of God’s presence. He is with me, and sometimes I am just too clogged up with other thoughts and concerns to even be aware of His action in my life. Today, become more aware of His presence. He is speaking, and He wants to use you. Allow Him to do that today, and always, by simply becoming more aware of His presence. It will change everything for the better!

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