Dreaming Dreams Into Life

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Wednesday night I had the privilege of accompanying my husband to the wonderful Church in the Son, to share the vision of our new mission for Access. As I sat and listened to him speak about taking the first step in pursuing our God-given dreams, I was overwhelmed with a sense of awe and thankfulness to God. Stepping out to launch this new church has been a huge exercise in faith, but sitting there, I felt God’s reassurance and confirmation so strongly, that I was just moved to tears. Jason spoke about how we often look at the heroes in the pages of the Bible and marvel at the great things they’ve done for God. And yet we don’t realize the extremely significant point, that without that first step of faith toward their God-given purposes, these faith heroes, too, would just be more frustrated daydreamers.

Today, I challenge you with what Jason challenged all of us on with Wednesday evening: don’t just see your dreams as something you could do, but something you should do. Then, take that first step! All it takes is one step for you to begin down the path to fulfilling your God-given dreams.

*I also had the privilege of sharing a song with the church that night. Here’s a vid of a new song called, “I’m Alive.”


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