Song of the Day: Your arms enfold me, till I am only…a child of God.

 In music

I’ve always loved this song. The lyrics sum up my heart’s cry when I am tempted to feel that I am not enough. When I feel insufficient, I remember that it doesn’t matter, because I all I ever need to be is simply that: a child of God. That is enough. It’s more than enough, in fact.

Do you feel unworthy today? Are you struggling with your self-perception? Take a deep breath and listen: you are His child, and that is enough. You never need to search for any other label or defining element, because He has already given you the only title that you will ever truly need – His.

Find your strength today in the fact that you belong to Him, and that you don’t need to find validation or definition anywhere else. As the song says, allow His arms to enfold you until you are only a child of God.

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