LMKTM: Get Back Up!


Gavin is now nearing the 11 month mark. With such a progression in age comes the inevitable passage of pulling up, shimmying around whilst holding onto furniture, and, eventually, taking those first, shaky steps. Right now, though, he’s mostly pulling himself up, holding onto something, and enjoying his newfound perspective. I have a few toys that assist in walking, and I set him up on those, but that usually ends in him standing there for a minute before pushing the walker too far out without compensating by moving his feet, and then, the unavoidable face plant.

I, of course, as his mom, will run to him, check him over for any signs of distress, kiss his gorgeous face, and then set him back down. Undeterred, however, I’ll watch in amusement, as he sighs, takes a deep breath, and then pulls himself right back up again. The fall, apparently, has done nothing to damper his resolve to go back to standing. He knows that he can just scoot right back on up to the table, place those chubby hands on it’s surface, and hoist his precious self back up. He’s determined.

Am I like Gavin? Do I have the same determination in how I live my life? When I get knocked down, do I simply take a deep breath and get back up again, or do I stay on the floor, pouting and too traumatized by my fall to try again? I want to have some of Gavin’s fortitude in my everyday life. When something knocks me down, I want to get right back up and keep trying. I don’t want to give up because of a set back. I want to be determined and resolved to do whatever it takes to accomplish my God-given goals. I don’t want my falls to hold me back.

Have you fallen down today on your way to a goal? Get back up! It’s as easy as taking a breath and going back to where you were. Maybe this time, you’ll make it! You won’t know until you try!

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