LMKTM: The Cycle of Same


Ever since my 10 month old son Gavin morphed into a crawling, scooting, and pulling force to be reckoned with, I find my life has gotten a lot more hectic. There’s a lot of “Gavin, no! Don’t put your finger in that socket!” or “Gavin, stop pulling on the dog’s ears!” With Joey being three and a half years old now, I had forgotten the, er, joys of this stage of babyhood. Gavin’s newfound sense of movement has greatly increased my own movement. There’s a lot less sitting and a whole lot more chasing. Often, to the same exact spot where I just pulled Gavin from, and only moments after my pervious retrieval occurred. Gavin’s determined. He doesn’t really understand “no” yet, and as a result, he’s constantly crawling right back to the same thing I just told him not to go to or rescued him from.

And…here comes the part where I sheepishly find myself relating to the actions of my children. How many times does God have to tell me the same thing? How many times does He have to pull me from the same fires, the same traps, or the same dangers? Do I, like Gavin, insist on returning right back to the same places, even though I know I’m not supposed to “go there”?

Side Note: Even now, while writing this very blog, I had to get up in order to pull Gavin away from his newfound curiosity with the stairs.

God is so much more loving and patient than I’ll ever be, but I’m sure that it is not ideal for Him to have to continually tell me the same thing over and over. Wouldn’t it be nice if the first time He removed me from a certain situation or spoke a command I would just…listen and do what He says?

Today, don’t be like Gavin who loves to go right back to the very place I just removed him from. Move forward and obey God’s voice in your life. Break the patterns that have been holding you back, and watch as your life takes on new growth and purpose. It’s amazing how much further you can go when you stop going back to the same old places over and over again. Move forward!


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