LMKTM: Lift Up Your Arms


Gavin is in a stage right now that is equal parts taxing and heartwarming. He loves to be held by his momma. Being said momma, it’s incredibly sweet, overwhelming, and humbling to see him cling to me and find comfort in my arms. I sometimes become incredibly moved just watching him reach out for me. It speaks to my heart in an a way I could never express in words. It is a privilege. It is love.

Still, there are times I find myself having to put him down and unable to comply to his wishes for me to hold him. Things need to get done during the day, and let’s not forget about that other precious son that God has blessed us with. There are times when I walk by on my way to do something and Gavin will see me and automatically lift his arms in my direction with a firm grunt. His message is clear: PICK ME UP.

He can walk now, but he’s still quite wobbly, and for him, having me come to his rescue is the fastest way to get himself out of a bind. He doesn’t have the verbal skills yet at 14 months old to say, “Mom, I really want to get over there right now, will you come get me?” Instead, he just shouts or grunts or babbles his nonsensical syllables, but always with the same motion: he lifts up his hands to me.

God is the ultimate parent. He is always ready, willing, and able to step in and pick us up when we call on Him. He never tires of hearing our prayers for Him to come into our week, our day, our moment. In fact, a lot of times, the problem is more with our own limiting mentality. We are afraid to surrender. When we lift our arms, we feel we’ve left ourselves too vulnerable. We feel the need to protect ourselves because we fear that we’ll be open to attack.

Instead, though, all we really have to do is become like Gavin. We just have to lift our arms in surrender and trust that our Father is on His way. Unlike us earthly parents, God is never too busy to come to our side, lift us up, and take us where we need to be. He loves it when His children call on Him for help. It must frustrate His Father’s heart to watch us look everywhere but to Him for rescue at times.

Our recipe for rescue is simple: lift up your arms. Your Father is coming. You can count on it.

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