Judging Judgment

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We’re all guilty of it. Some of us lace it with concerned pretense and delusions of being helpful, while some of us are just outright driven by an air of superiority. I’m talking about judging others. We scoff at the notion that we would dare judge someone because of the sheer vulgarity of the term. And yet, when we think about the word at it’s simplest definition, it would be hard to discount ourselves from it’s club of shamed members.

What does judgment look like? Maybe you inwardly snickered at someone’s ratty old car. Maybe you shook your head in disgust as you pondered the messed up state of someone’s family affairs. Maybe you had a barely concealed disdain over someone’s sin-filled lifestyle. You judged.

Let me get real honest with you, ladies, and challenge you. We, as women, may be the worst at this ever-present problem of judging others. What is it about us that makes us size up another female within seconds of meeting her (or sometimes before we’ve even met her face-to-face)? Women have an incredible ability to relate to and understand each other better than any other. But we can allow our sinful nature to take that gift and turn it on it’s ugliest side – using that understanding to strike at another woman where we know it will hurt them most.

You cannot forget that you, too, are only one step away from a similar fate. Yes, gasp all you want, but it’s true. The only difference between you and the person you are so self-righteously judging is that they’re not you.

“Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.”

– Luke 6:37

Today, before you’re tempted to judge someone, think about how you have been on the receiving end of both grace and judgment. Which one felt better? Which one helped shape your life for the better? Think today before you judge.

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