Inspiration: Julie & Julia

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As a mother of two, the privilege of actually sitting down to watch a full-length movie (whether at home or in the theatre) is sort of a myth of Lochness proportions. More of a nice theory than an actual attainable feat. Still, when time allows, I enjoy the opportunity to sit back (often with a babe in arms) and let a movie transport me.

One recent such experience was the delightful Julie & Julia. Let me tell you that Meryl Streep’s performance alone is worthy of inspiration. I mean – wow! The story itself, however, is simple and poignant at the same time. Based on the real life story (and subsequent novel) of Julie Powell, a woman disgruntled with life, and feeling as if all her projects go half-finished – boy, can I relate to that! Upon hearing her friends prattle on about their many accomplishments in the work place, Julie decides to find something to make her feel a purpose. Being a food lover, she settles upon the infamous and daunting cookbook by the late Julia Child entitled, “The Joy of Cooking,” and attempts to cook her way through all 524 of its recipes in the span of only a year.

I love this. Someone who was tired of the complacency of their life and decided to do something about it. I love stories of people who did great things with their lives, simply because they decided to take something from a dream to a reality. What’s stopping you today from reaching your potential? Chances are, it’s just you. Get up, take a step, and make it happen! If you feel tired of the mundane status of your life, why not take a chance on that thing that’s been in your heart for years that you keep waiting for just the right time to begin? Guess what? That time is now! If you’ve given prayer and thought to this (and, of course, pending that you feel no Divine stop on the action) then go ahead and take that first step! The only thing separating you and those who are doing great things is that one step.

Today, do something that inspires you. That thing that makes you feel as if you come alive. What are you waiting for?

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