Make a Difference in Your Day

 In God, Life

Feeling agitated? Low on patience? Are you starting to ponder ways to run away from it all? I have a solution: Invite God into your day. It’s an answer so simple that we miss it all the time. We forget that He cares about every little detail of our lives. We forget that He’s not just big enough to change our lives, but attentive and Fatherly enough to change our days, as well.

Wherever it is that you find yourself today, He cares. Maybe you’re behind a desk that has started to slowly resemble a prison cell. Maybe you’re a student who feels like life exists only in between each next exam or paper. Maybe, like me, you find yourself surrounded by diapers, a dirty house, and an ever-decreasing vat of patience. No matter the circumstance, our needs are all the same: we need Him just as much in our day-to-day life as we do in our lives as a whole.

So how do we get Him to step into the mundane and often seemingly insignificant details of our day? It’s simple: ask Him. Invite Him, through prayer and thanks, to be part of your day. He’ll show you that He’s there. He loves when you come to Him daily for exactly what you need. It gives Him a chance to show His power. It gives you a chance to show His glory. But remember, when you’ve asked Him to come be a part of your day – let Him! It’s not enough to pray and then take off in your normal routine, never stopping to invite Him to actually make those differences that you crave. Keep your mind on Him. Say prayers throughout your day for opportunities to experience Him in your daily routine. We need to listen. We need to wait on Him. When we do, we’ll see just how much of a difference He can make in our day.

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