God’s Sovereignty

 In God

It seems appropriate that this would be one of the first blogs of this new site, because, really, this is what it’s all about. If, like me, you’re finding yourself in a never-ending cycle with your faith, questioning God, not understanding, allowing your spiritual temperature to rise up and down daily, maybe this is your issue. Have you settled the sovereignty of God in your life? I mean really, truly settled and accepted this?

Here’s the thing. Bad things are going to happen in my life. I’m going to get sick. People I love are going to get hurt. Things won’t go my way. But the thing that makes all those things almost unbearable is adding to that either a question of my own faith/value or a question of God’s love/faithfulness. You see, I can allow each circumstance to shake my faith. I can let the ease at which I’m currently enjoying life to be my “okay” meter with God. If I do this, though, I’m in for one bumpy ride. If I let life’s ups and downs dictate my faith level or what I believe to be true about God, then I may find my faith as shaky as a palm tree in a hurricane.

What’s the alternative? Decide today that God is sovereign. Period. Things will come, things will go. In the middle of your darkest night may not be the wisest time for you to decide what it is that you believe about God’s sovereignty. You have to decide now. Trust Him. Let Him know that you’re in all the way. Tell Him that no matter what comes your way, You will chose to remain in Him and to believe Him – even when it may completely challenge your comfort.

If you decide today to settle the issue of God’s sovereignty in your life, to really trust Him and His perfect will no matter what the circumstance, then you may just find that your next storm will not rattle you nearly as much as you thought it would. The reason? You’re no longer shaken with thoughts of if God loves you or how He could allow bad things to touch you. Instead, you stand firm in your commitment that you believe in the sovereignty of God.

Now is the time to decide. Don’t wait until you’re facing down a Godzilla-sized hardship. Don’t wait until life doesn’t make sense. That’s not the time. The time is now. Today, take Him at His word and trust Him. If you do, you’ll find that your road, while maybe no less hard or painful, becomes easier to walk, because the big things have already been settled in your mind.

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