I’ll Be Praying For You…Or Will I?

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We’re all guilty of it. Someone comes up to you and shares a problem/trial/dilemma, and you, being the mature Christian that you are, make sure to assure them that you’ll be praying for them. Except instead of actually then taking the time to pray for them, you move on and forget you even talked to that person or what it was they asked you to pray for to begin with.

I felt a huge conviction about this while I was going through chemotherapy back in 2005. I remember hearing so, so many people say that they were praying for me. The amazing and moving thing, though, is that they really were. They told me of prayer meetings, private prayer times, or corporate prayer in their church families, during which my healing and wellness was prayed for. To say it was humbling would be an understatement. How can you ever really thank someone for something like that? Answer: You pray for others when it’s their turn to need some help from up on High.

Prayer does change things. Prayer does make a difference. I saw this firsthand in my life as I was walking through my journey with cancer. At times it felt like I was literally being carried on the shoulders of those faithful prayers. Jason and I both made an important decision during that time. We vowed that we would never again throw out a flippant “I’ll be praying for you” and not follow through. How could we? Shame on us should it ever come to that after all the prayers that had been lifted up on our behalf.

Today, stop and think about those around you. Think about all those hastily made promises to pray for others that you’ve yet to actually verbalize. Then take some time and do it! We, as the family of God, have a responsibility to be there for one another in the times when we need it most. Is your life happy and sunny today? Wonderful! Thank God for this time in your life and then begin to bring those who are in need before Him. Or maybe right now is the time when you need some prayer. Don’t hesitate to reach out to someone and ask them to pray for you. It’s humbling and empowering all at once. Thank them by following through and praying for a few others around you in return.

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

                                                – Galatians 6:2

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