Laundry Day Prayers

 In Prayer, thankfulness

Today is laundry day.

As if the simple fact of it being Monday isn’t bad enough, I decided to also make it the day where I change and wash everyone’s sheets. Good times.

This morning as I was lugging laundry upstairs, I had a lightning bolt of conviction. I felt humbled by the laundry that I get to do each week. Yes, get to do. In an instant I began speaking aloud prayers of thanks. I thanked God for the sheets I get to wash and put on beds that my children sleep on each night. I thanked God for the washer and dryer that really do all of the hard work anyway. I thanked God for the health of the children whose sheets I was cleaning.

From there, it was as if the prayers of thanks wouldn’t stop flowing. I began to pray over each child whose bed I was making. I prayed for Ella’s sweet spirit to continue to develop and grow. I prayed for Gavin to sense God’s voice even now at just 8 years old. I prayed over Joey as he faces the growing pressure of his peers in these middle school years.

The tears followed swiftly. What started as a chore became a moment of total humility before the Lord. How many times have I missed out on what could be an amazing visit in God’s presence because I was too focused on my perceived annoyances?

Today, we can change our day by changing our focus. If we allow our gratitude to God to override all else, we will find our spirits lifted, our hearts brightened, and our souls encouraged. I think laundry day is about to become my new favorite day of the week!

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