Dumber Than Ignoring A Million Dollars

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Imagine this: you have a bank account with a million dollars in it. ONE.MILLION.DOLLARS. It’s sitting at a local bank and you have a card that enables you to just go take money from it any time you want. What’s more is that every year, another million is added to the account. Sounds incredible, right? Keep imaging with me, and picture someone with this unending bank account who never uses the money. What’s worse is that this person struggles financially. They can’t feed their family, their bills are overdue, and they are in great debt.

Are you as annoyed with this fictional person with their unused fictional bank account as I am? Why in the world would they not just delve into their mounds of money to rectify their financial problems? How stupid are they???

In many ways, you and I are just as dumb when it comes to fixing our problems. We struggle with anxiety, fear, and the worries of life, and yet we too have unlimited access to something far greater than a million dollars. We have direct access to the God of the universe who has all the power to do all the things, and yet, we don’t go to Him with our problems and allow Him to take care of them. Instead of going to the maker of the world with our problems, we keep them to ourselves, obsessing over them and trying to mentally fix things with “what ifs” and more tangible solutions.

Don’t ignore your access to the source of all life. God is able to help us in all ways for all things. Don’t let Him be the furthest thought from your mind when you encounter difficulties. Let’s let God be the first place we go when we want direction, peace, or help. He has so much to offer us (in ways that will surprise us, too!) and is just waiting for us to take that access that He sent His Son to give us.

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