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It should speak to the busy nature of my current season that I am just now on January 22 getting my “Word of the Year” post up. Better late than never?

At the end of last year, I started to hear the word COURAGE. My immediate response? Fear. The irony is not lost here, believe me. The fact is, though, that when I set about making the word COURAGE my yearly theme, it made me fear that I would need courage in some fearful situations.

While that can be true, I’m learning that courage is so much more common than I tend to view it. Courage can be running into the house on fire to save someone, but you know what? Courage can also be simply showing up where I know I’m supposed to be and obeying those simple requests that God makes of me daily. Requests such as “Pay for that person’s meal,” “Go visit your friend,” or “Tell someone that I love them today.” Those are the simplest of requests and yet, sometimes, take the most courage.

Add to all of this the fact that having courage doesn’t mean I will not feel fear. It simply means that when I feel fear and courage, I’ll let courage win. I want to be a courageous wife, mother, and leader. I want to try new things and fulfill old things that I’ve been too afraid to complete before.

Let’s be courageous the year. Let’s say yes to things that scare us. Let’s push past our comfort zones. Let’s practice daily obedience to God’s guidance. When we live courageously, we live fully.


What are some areas of your life that require courage and how can you push those limits this year?

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