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  • Jessica

    I have to say I had missed one of your posts and just read addicted achiever and that is 100% me/my life. It is a high but a low in so many ways especially balancing career opportunities and family time. This past year was the first time where I looked back on the last 3 years and went-how did I do ALL of those shows, performances, after school activities, and not lose my mind? I know it has taken a toll on my husband and my girls and also has completely filled my head with *work *school* shows* school *plays and not just spending quiet time for myself and to listen to what God has to say. I am honestly nervous about this year as every year I say that I am going to slow down and learn how to say “no” but then I end up doing more-but I need to do it for myself and for my family. The struggle is real.

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