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The birds are back.

You may recall a blog I wrote a couple of years ago about a bothersome bird who built a nest in our pergola. This bird would attack any and everyone who dared to go into the backyard. She had claimed it as her own, and she would not give it up no matter how much we tried. I think our old dog Winston bore the brunt of the attacks. Poor guy is still traumatized when he has to go do his “business” in the backyard.

Bad news: the bird is back and she brought friends. The first time I heard the not-so-dulcet tones of a mockingbird’s chirp, I froze. I looked for the closest cover and ran. Then I watched and waited for the inevitable bird attack.

But something weird happened.

The birds didn’t attack. I’d hear their call and see them soaring about, but they just flew right by me. They were seemingly altogether unconcerned with my presence. Don’t get me wrong, I was grateful to not have to relive the bird attacks of previous years, but I was also curious as to what had caused this sudden turn-around.

So I did a little digging and discovered that right now the birds are not building nests. It’s not time for them to gather materials for nesting, lay eggs, or to sit guard. Right now, they’re just flying around being, well, birds. They don’t have to be hostile with me because there’s nothing for them to protect that I could possibly be threatening.

You see, they only attack when there’s something worth protecting.

Are you feeling attacked lately? Does life or the enemy of our souls seem to be on an all-out mission to get you to stay “inside”? Be encouraged! There’s only one reason for that! You are only going to be attacked if there’s something of value within you that someone else sees as a threat. If there was nothing there, your enemies would just fly right past you. But they see something more and so they, in turn, are on the offensive.

It may not help take away the pain of the attack, but I hope it makes you realize that you are being attacked because you carry great worth. There is something special “nesting” inside of you right now and it’s your job to protect and cultivate that. Don’t let those attacks make you give up, but rather, let them help you move forward with even more urgency and purpose. The best and most worthwhile things are the ones that will be attacked, and hence, the ones most worth protecting.

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