Like a Bird

 In God

This week there has been an uninvited and yes, even unwanted visitor to the Burns household. It seems as if a mockingbird has decided to make our home (more specifically the foliage of our pergola) the location of her nest. This would be a whole lot more endearing if said bird did not also decide that our poor old Boston Terrier Winston was public enemy #1 and, as such, must be dive bombed each and every time he travels past the doors of our home.

I’m agitated by the whole situation and I feel bad for poor old Winston, and yet, there’s an underlying respect that I can’t help but have for this mama bird, as well. The lengths she is going to to ensure her babies are safe is remarkable, even if it is completely inconvenient for my poor pup. Our neighbor spotted the bird sitting at the topmost spot of our house, simply looking out and guarding her nest from the highest perch she could find. From there, she can see all the things that could come at her chicks from all directions and she’s ready to attack if the need should arise.

It hit me as I was pondering this mama bird’s fierce protective nature that I’d read something before in the Bible that likened God to a protective bird, as well.

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

– Psalm 91:4

God is always greater at what He does than anyone else ever could be. So when I imagine the sheer ferocity with which this bird protects her children, I have to imagine my God looking out for me, ready to swoop in to save me with a reach that outweighs any other. He has a much higher perch to see dangers that could come my way – He sees the whole of the world! More than that, He can see my future, and knows the times that I’ll need protecting in advance.

I can find safety in the shadow of God’s wings. He keeps me there, protecting me and helping me and reminding me that He has my back.


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