Dulled Senses: What am I missing?

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This week, I’ve had a cold. Not the biggest deal on the planet, but still, a nuisance. Perhaps the most debilitating part of this bout with the sniffles has been a total and complete loss of my sense of smell. I’ve joked that in a house full of often dirty children, this can actually be a blessing. But not smelling my morning cup of coffee or the sweet smell of baby Ella’s head is starting to really bum me out. It’s weird how little thought I generally give to my sense of smell. Now, without it, though, I’m appreciating it so much.

My sense of smell can alert me to danger (should something be burning in my home), it can help me realize if milk is spoiled and unsafe to drink, and it can let me know it’s time to change Ella’s diaper! All of those things are important and utilize my sense of smell above all my other senses. Without my ability to smell, I’m missing cues that would normally let me know what’s happening around me.

How many of my other senses are dulled right now? No, not my five senses, but those other senses that God can use in my life to alert me to issues around me. My Spiritual senses are quite separate from my physical senses. I may have sight as a physical sense, but do I have Spiritual sight to see the things that God wants me to see around me? Seeing with Spiritual sight is quite different from just seeing. Two people can be looking at the exact same situation in the physical, and only one sees what God wants them to “see” out of it.

Have I let my Spiritual senses become dull? Am I walking right past the opportunities He has prepared for me? I fear the answer may be yes. The good news, however, is that right now I can begin to ask God to sharpen my Spiritual senses and heighten my awareness of things happening around me that are bigger then what my physical senses can grasp. When I do, God will begin to remove the layers of callous that have dulled my awareness and clouded my “vision.” It may be as simple as a feeling that I need to do or say something, but it’s important that I listen. I find that obeying each instinct leads to receiving more from God in the future. When He knows He can trust me to “listen,” He will bring more opportunity my way to be useful for the Kingdom.

My sense of smell is slowly returning to me as this cold dissipates. With it, I pray for a renewal of my Spiritual senses comes, as well.

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