Adventure Season

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Last week my husband and I took a dream trip. We got to spend 7 days in Hawaii. I am still trying to convince myself that it actually happened and wasn’t just a really long, super vivid dream. No, it was real. The pics are right there are on my Instagram for proof (because you know something didn’t really happen unless it has vast IG documentation, right?)! More than just relaxation, though, the trip provided some much-needed self-pushing, as well.

Long prior to our take off, my husband had begun researching which various panic-inducing adventurous activities we could partake of during our time in Hawaii. He started uttering words like helicopter, zipline, and parasail. I would smile and try to casually divert the conversation back to things like beach naps and book reading. His excitement was contagious, though, so I eventually found myself agreeing with him to check those things out. I was pretty pumped, too…right up until the moment we actually began to walk toward whatever activity it was we were doing.

Picture this: me having a mild breakdown, breathing heavy, wringing my hands, blinking back tears – and my husband: smiling, talking quickly and excitedly, and totally missing the what-I-thought-were subtle hints I was sending him to shut his mouth and grab me a paper bag to breathe into. He kept saying, “Babe, this is an ADVENTURE!” At some point during his pitch, I really began to hate that word.

But adventure is good for me. Being uncomfortable and a little scared is good for me. We are so focused on self-preservation and our own contentment that we often avoid it at even the first signs of discomfort. But being stretched and pushed is good. It’s only when we push the boundaries of our comfort that we discover what we’re truly capable of.

Adventure is waiting on the other side of your fear and it will amaze you just how much you’re actually capable of. You won’t know until you try!

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