Whose voice do you hear?

 In emotions, fear, God

When I was younger, my mother, sister, and I had a recurring problem: our voices were nearly indistinguishable from one another on the phone. It was not uncommon for someone to call for my mom, get me instead, but not realize it was me and continue to speak as if I was her. It was often 2 or 3 minutes into someone’s rant before I could break through enough to alert them that they were not, in fact, speaking to my mother, but to me. This like-voiced issue made for more than one amusing conversation as you may well imagine.

Do the voices in your mind become so crossed that you have a hard time distinguishing who is who? That may not seem too critical an issue until you realize that the voice you’ve been allowing free reign over your thoughts and energy is not the One that should be in that place of authority. Are your fears, for example, speaking louder in your life than the voice of God? Does your guilt out-speak God’s love in your heart? Maybe it’s time to sort out the voices so you’re not giving too much time to the ones that don’t deserve it.

Whose voice do you let in the most? Whose voice has the most clout in your head? I bet you’ll immediately answer, “Well, the Lord’s voice, of course!” because you know that’s the right answer. But do your actions speak otherwise? Do you spend more time fearing or trusting? Is your first instinct in a crisis to believe God or to believe what you see and feel and fear? Believe me when I tell you that I know how hard this is. But it’s so important that we stop confusing the voices of authority in our head and let God be the One to speak the loudest and clearest.

Let’s silence the voices that have no place being in our heads and hearts to begin with. We can help this process by filling ourselves with that much more of the Lord and His Word so that our first thoughts, instincts, and, eventually, actions, will also reflect that God has the highest place of influence in our lives.

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