Bible Study Wrap Up: Knowing God By Name

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This week my beloved Monday night ladies Bible study group wrapped for the semester. We always have a blast and wind up finding some really amazing revelations about God while doing so. This semester we completed the workbook “Knowing God By Name” by Mary A. Kassian. It’s an in-depth look at the Hebrew origin of many names of God that we have come to know and address Him as. It was inspiring and life-changing and I feel like I know God better by knowing His names more.

What’s in a name, right? Well, it turns out, quite a bit. God’s names are reflections of His character and His nature. As such, they show us ways in which we can also know Him and come to experience Him. Does it matter? I like to think of it like this: there’s a major difference in the people I call by a pet name or established nickname versus those I know only through a formal title or name. I do not, for example, know the President of the United States on a first name basis. As such, if I ever were to meet him face-to-face, I would only refer to him as Mr. President or Sir. His wife, however, has no need for such formalities and can call him any number of things that the public will never know. Why? Because they are intimately close and familiar with one another. For her to call him Mr. President would be absurd and ignore all the familiarity of their close relationship.

The same is true of my God and I. Through the blood of Jesus He has made a way for me to come to know Him in a personal, intimate way. To not take advantage of that would make me a fool. I want to know Him. I mean, I really want to know Him. Knowing Him by name is a great way to start.

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