A Free Space To Cry

 In Bible Study, emotions

Last night my weekly ladies Bible study resumed after a summer-long hiatus, and it was a joyous reunion. We laughed about how someone always winds up crying each week for one reason or another, but appreciated how that space is a free space where everyone is welcome to be themselves and let go without fear of judgment. It’s amusing, and yet, as we went around the table and shared, one recurring phrase kept popping up: I need this time each week.

Sound dramatic? It’s not, I assure you. I knew exactly what every woman was referring to, because I also need that time each week. Why? Because it’s a good thing to be able to express a week’s worth of pent-up emotion while also recharging for the week ahead. For many of us, we spend our days uttering little more than baby talk and homework help, so a chance to be able to talk with other adults is incredibly refreshing. More than that, a chance to speak in a space where you feel the freedom to cry or laugh and know you will be met with understanding is invaluable.

Do you have a safe place where you can cry? For me, it’s been my weekly Bible study. For you, it may be a coffee date with a friend or a date night out with your spouse. Whatever it is, be sure you have something. If not, the suppressed emotions can eventually boil over in a fit of despair and magnify your situation to the point of hopelessness. Don’t let it go that far. Be sure to take some time each week to release your emotions and recharge. It’ll make a world of difference in your life.

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