In My Father’s Arms

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Ella is teething. Every single parent out there who has gone through this phase just cringed a little when they read that. Those without children may ask, “Is it really that bad?” Oh. My friends. It’s rough. The poor girl is a drooly, snotty, miserable mess of cute baby fluff. She’s borderline inconsolable. She cries until her tears mix with her drool and snot and my shirts wind up with a one-way ticket to the hamper quicker than you can say, “Gross!”

There is one thing that really seems to calm Ella down: being held. When she’s in my arms she’s restored to her happy, giggly baby self. She bounces and squeals and gives me the smiles that melt my heart and bring joy to my soul. The problem with this, of course, is that it’s hugely impractical for the rest of life. It’s hard to do anything else around the home with a baby in my arms. There are dishes in the sink, there’s unfolded laundry sitting in the dryer, and my hair? Lord, help it.

But for now, Ella needs me. She finds comfort in my arms. For some reason, when she’s with me, she forgets how miserable her burgeoning teeth are and finds calm. So, in my arms she’ll stay.

God wants to be that for us. When we are miserable and hurting and nothing makes sense, He invites us to rest in His arms and find comfort there. It may not seem like something that will fix your current situation, but guess what? There is nothing magical about me holding Ella that makes her teething somehow dissipate. It’s just that she finds comfort in being close to me. The same is true of our God. When we are close to Him, all other things fade and we are somehow at peace. The world continues all around us with its pain and it’s storms, but when we’re in our Father’s arms, it’s all okay.

I used to sing this song as a teenager. I hope it blesses you today like it’s blessed me.

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