Scattering a Scuttle Perspective

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Scuttle-Telescope-350x193Being the mother of a girl means I can finally indulge in my love for Disney princess movies without the nagging self-consciousness that I may be too old to still be watching “Beauty and the Beast” regularly. Now when I watch, it’s obviously for Ella! Never mind that she’s 6 months old and is far more interested in chewing on the DVD case than anything that’s happening onscreen. Recently, I bought “her” a copy of “The Little Mermaid.” It came out when I was a little girl and I can’t wait to share this movie with Ella. I always chuckle at the scene where Scuttle the seagull stares through the wrong end of his telescope and, in doing so, thinks that Ariel is a great deal further away than she actually is. When he turns the telescope around, he realizes that she’s actually right in front of him.

I live my life like Scuttle sometimes. I take hold of a thought and allow it to give me a backwards perspective. I whine and moan and indulge in self-pity parties where I am the only unhappy guest. Meanwhile, it’s not actually my circumstance that’s ill, but my perspective. When I turn the “telescope” off of myself and put my focus back on God and what He is doing, my situation changes completely.

One of the many things I love about God is that He is so good at changing us without really changing the things around us. It’s like He can take a picture and make the whole thing new by just adjusting where we stand to look at it. It will look completely new to us even though nothing changed but the way we were looking at it and maybe where we were standing when we were looking at it, as well.

Don’t be like Scuttle today. Change up your perspective. Better yet, invite God to show you His perspective on your current situation.

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