Moms United

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Yesterday I had the privilege of hanging with a dear friend and her sweet new baby, my sister-in-law and my precious new nephew, and my own darling baby Ella. It was a symphony of dirty diapers, strollers, baby blankets, pacifiers, and the usual chaos you might expect from the coming together of three infants. But something else really cool happened in the midst of all the noise: three moms came together and encouraged one another and it was really beautiful.

Is this rare enough that I should be not only observing it but blogging about it? Well, maybe. The thing is that there is a lot of insecurity in motherhood that can turn to defensiveness that can turn to judgment. Mothers feel shamed for their parenting choices, and shamed for their accomplishments (or perceived lack of accomplishments). But the truth is that there is no better way to help a mother out then by reminding her that you, too, have had the same struggles and that they can and will get through them.

I loved watching as each mom there took time to encourage the others. We were all comfortable being vulnerable about our struggles and mothering insecurities because we knew it was going to be a judgment-free zone. Instead, we knew we would receive encouragement and support, and that made all the difference.

Let’s do our part to change this from being rare to the norm! We can start by extending grace to a mother around us and by lending a helping hand. Let’s unite, moms!

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