Don’t Just Survive!

 In Life, parenting

I’ll admit: As a mother of 3 kids, sometimes I feel like I’m simply going through my days in survival mode. It’s a race to get to their bedtime when I can finally breathe a little and get caught up on the things that I didn’t have time to address during the day. Especially right now while going through the infant stage again, there is just not a whole time of “down time” during the 24-hour span of my days. Because of this, there’s a great temptation to just try to get through my days.

But I don’t want to just get through life. I want to thrive. I want to embrace the beauty of each season and each day. The thing is that there is beauty in each season. Sometimes we get so busy hoping for days to come that we forget to stop and appreciate all the current day has to offer. And it does have good things to offer. Alright, so my days may feel a bit like a circus and I may not get to shower as frequently as I’d like to, but hey! There is such a short window when my kids will be the ones asking me for hugs and kisses and to solve all their problems. I know the day will come when I’ll be missing that as I watch them take on more and more independence.

Don’t just survive – thrive! Get through your day, yes, but also be intentional about taking strategic pauses to stop and embrace whatever it is that you are currently experiencing. It may just change your outlook and that shift may just change your life.

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