Don’t Say You’ll Pray For Me (unless you mean it)

 In Prayer

We’re all guilty of it. Someone mentions something they’ve been struggling with or a prayer need they’re facing, and we spout off a quick “I’ll be praying for you!” before we even register what we’re saying. There’s nothing inherently bad about that, don’t get me wrong! But my question is, will you? Will you really be praying for me?

When I was diagnosed with cancer over 9 years ago, I made a vow. I promised the Lord and myself that I would never again say the phrase “I’ll be praying for you!” and not follow it up with the actual action of prayer. After having been humbled by the prayers of literally thousands when I was going through my journey with cancer, it felt like the least that I could do would be to give back in my time and prayer for others who would face their own battles.

Don’t tell someone you’ll pray for them and then walk away to never think of it again. It makes your words empty and starts to diminish your integrity and credibility. Think before you make that promise. If you’re not going to follow through, save your words. People need those prayers and it would be better for you to not make the promise at all then to make it and not keep it.

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