All of Me

 In God, music

There is a popular John Legend song dominating the radio right now that says “I give you all of me and you give me all of you.” It’s a beautiful sentiment when shared between a husband and wife. When you find someone you can be open and honest with and submit to one another in mutual love, it’s just lovely. But the song prompted another thought in my mind that I couldn’t shake.

God gave us all of Himself. Does He have all of me?

God held nothing back when showing us the depths of His great love. He sacrificed His own Son in the pursuit of reconciliation with humanity. It’s a mind-blowing and humbling thought, isn’t it? And what have I given Him in return? I’m not speaking about things I can do for Him. It’s never been about works or what I can bring to the table. But does God have all of me?

How do you know if God has all of you? Well, look at your choices for one thing. Do you give God your first in all areas of your life – your money, your time, your thoughts, your energy? It’s easy to see what a person values based on the way they choose to spend their time on this earth. Is God the first thing on my mind in the morning? Is He the one I think of immediately when I come into troubles? Do I think about ways to serve Him and show Him love when I have time to spare?

He’s given us all of Himself. Now, let’s work on giving all of ourselves, as well.

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