Bible Study Wrap-Up: Unglued

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177350Just this week we wrapped up the “Unglued” study by Lysa Terkeurst. It is a 6-week workbook and video series that correlates to Lysa’s best-selling book of the same title. I had known it would be one of those “God experiences” for me: you know, the kind that is staring you in the face with bold, flashing lights seemingly from Heaven? Before I had ever heard of this book, it was recommended to me by no less than three different people. Coincidence? Never.

If the recommendations of three different friends didn’t get my attention, the front caption of the book sure did:

“Making wise choices in the midst of raw emotions.”

There’s something about the term “raw emotions” that just grips me and resonates with me. I think because “raw” is the precise word I would probably use to describe my own emotional state many times during my day. I’m a mom, a wife, a pastor’s wife, a teacher, and a million other things, and all of those hats can leave my emotions feeling a tad bit “raw.”

I will take so many important lessons from this book, but the biggest one is probably the fact that I changed my goal from perfect execution of my emotions to “imperfect progress” that I can celebrate daily. When my goal is too high (for example, wanting to never again become unglued), I get discouraged and fear I’ll never get anywhere with this particular struggle. When I set my goal to “imperfect progress,” however, I start to see little victories and I celebrate those as they come, rejoicing that I do have the capacity for change.

I highly recommend this book and study. It is relevant to so much of what we encounter as women, and I am leaving it’s pages forever changed for the better.


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