Breathing Peace

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Last Monday night, my beloved Ladies Bible study group started a new study entitled “Unglued” by Lysa Terkeurst (there will be much more to come on this). It speaks to all of us who experience those “unglued” moments in which we, well, lose it. While finishing “not a fan.” by Kyle Idleman, something I read lined up perfectly with this idea of needing the Holy Spirit’s control in our daily lives, as well.

Idleman references faith giant Bill Bright, and how he used to teach a practice called “Spiritual Breathing.” In short, this works by exhaling the moment you realize you have sinned, and repenting for that sin as you do. It’s moment-by-moment and begins to make walking in the Spirit feel as natural as breathing.

I need to implement this in my life to help me in those “unglued” moments. I often regret losing it immediately after I do. Those are the times I need to exhale, repent, and move on, inviting the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me. Wouldn’t it be incredible to watch as this practice of “Spiritual Breathing” starts to come so naturally, that I am eventually able to hedge off those “unglued” moments before they even start?

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