Honoring the Honorable: Part IV

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Honor week continues today with two very special people: my beloved in-laws!

Billy and Vickie Burns accepted me into their family with no reservations, no hesitations, and no complications. They were warm and loving and treated me like a member of their family from the beginning. A mere six months after I officially became their daughter, I was diagnosed with cancer. I watched as my in-laws actually became parents to me. Vickie would come and stay with me when my own mom couldn’t get down to Florida from New York. She’d keep me company during those many boring hospital hours. We even colored together and made Christmas ornaments when the days got really long. Billy stepped in for Jason when he was scheduled to minister out of state. Within days he took over for Jason so that my husband could be by my side when I started chemotherapy.

My in-laws have been in children’s ministry for over three decades, and yet, their hearts are still just as full with the desire to see children come to know the power of God for themselves. They work harder than almost anyone else I know. They serve God with passion and integrity and you never hear them complain. They are examples to all of us in how to live a life of sacrifice, service, and honor.

My mother and father-in-law are truly worthy of honor.

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