Honoring the Honorable: Part III

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Welcome to Day 3 of “Honor” week!

Today’s honorees may seem a funny choice. It makes more sense for children to honor their parents than the reverse, right? Well, I have two boys that are pretty incredible, and I find it my honor to be their mom, so why not honor them a little?

Joey is my firstborn, and he is all things kindness, goodness, and honesty. He is so gracious with those around him. He cares for others and has a heart of compassion for the poor.

Gavin is a live wire! His joy is infectious. It is rare to see Gavin without a smile on his handsome face. He has always made me laugh. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when Gavin is around.

Joey and Gavin are amongst God’s greatest gifts to me. I often feel undeserving of such little treasures, but I thank God regardless that I get to be their mom.

Joey and Gavin are truly worthy of honor.

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